We make TATAMI, Hinoki TATAMI


indispensable for traditional Japanese living style.  The oldest TATAMI was used for TATAMI-Bed (made of HINOKI wood) around 710 AD by Emperor Shoumu and it is still preserved in SHOSOIN (in the temple TODAIJI, Nara).   For over 1,000 years, TATAMI has been a main flooring material for Japanese housing.   



Japanese cypress, is a main stream building material for Japanese traditional construction such as temple and shrine. HORYUJI Temple, Japan's First World Cultural Heritage, is the oldest wooden building, it is estimated that HORYUJI Temple was built in 607 AD.  The surface texture (without bark) of HINOKI is very soft with density, while having the strength.  As a construction material, because of the diversity of its usage and its strength, HINOKI has been used and is used as building material for Japanese high-end housing.

Also, HINOKI generates phytoncide which you can enjoy forest bathing trip.  Surrounded by HINOKI, you can feel just like visiting forest and feel reluxed.


Ensemble Social Welfare Corporation makes HINOKI TATAMI , using HINOKI as core parts of TATAMI and it is made with traditional method.

We can export these sizes


regular size TATAMI 

(length : 70 inch X width : 35inch)

 (length : 178cm X width : 89cm)

half size TATAMI

(length and width : 35 inch)

(length and width : 89cm)


Custom size


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Some examples of our work.  

Hinoki TATAMIs are used at temples, shrines and many natural houses.

Even with a handi-cap, to enjoy and fulfill your life,

It is important to live and work among people you feel comfortable.  To establish your own and independent life even being away from your parents, it is important to have some training.  For such purpose, to establish your own life even with hand-cap, we, Ensemble Social Welfare corporation prepare both of working places and living facilities. We support to be accepted and to be protected.  Also we create jobs by producing products that can be accepted in market.  Being economically independent with salary and pension for handicapped people and living with buddies. This is a life model of Ensemble.  We believe supporting such life model in full force is our mission.